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Welcome to Saberlin Collections!

I want to start off by thanking you for joining us. Your time is valuable, and here at Saberlin, you are our top priority. I want to share my background and the birth of the brand with you. It’s quite the journey, and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

My family would say that this brand was born when I was born into this world. I like to think that the concept of Saberlin Collections was born when my mother brought me to our family’s businessa wholesale jewelry showroom, at the age of 3. I remember not being able to help myself as a child, wanting to touch and play with everything in there! 

I feel in love with all the beautiful pieces of jewelry, beads, and gemstones, and findings, in the showcases, hanging from the walls, laid out on the tabletop displays, all place ever so neatly in their own places. I was dazzled by the materials, stones, and craftsmanship of all the pieces my mom curated or made herself. 

When I started to learn how to string pearls and create wired handmade pieces of jewelry, I grew to appreciate it more and more. I love all the aspects of jewelry, from the different stone types, metal types, and even stone’s natural mystical energy and healing properties.  When I found that these stones emit different types of energies to help us on our day to day journey, I was amazed and wanted to learn more about this gift that Mother Nature had created for us. 

As I got older, I learned more and more about the industry. My mother and I would watch trends, spend time window shopping at other stores, gathering ideas on new and better ways to display jewelry, and so much more! I would travel to trade shows, market weeks, and gem shows. Where ever jewelry was, we would go. From helping to setup displays and booths, meeting with buyers and clients, and designing new jewelry for the coming seasons, I did everything I could to absorb as much as I could in the industry. I even studied more of the natural energy and healing properties of crystals. Positivity, Protection, Love, Confidence, and Health are just some of the many properties and energies that these magnificent gemstones bring into our lives! 

In my teen years, I would spend every summer with Dad at the factory, learning how the jewelry manufacturing world works. Enthralled and inspired that Mom and Dad were the ones to dream and execute such a massive undertaking. Soon after, my parents quickly realized my creativity and design sense but also my love of process and technology that encompassed the business as well. I feel truly blessed to have my parents as mentors and show me what could be done if I put my mind to it. 

Fast forward two decades, armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Business processes, a unfulfilled passion and love of jewelry, a dream of continuing a family legacy, and a desire to serve and empower others that would like to follow a similar path, strengthened by my own personal experiences both positive and negative, Saberlin Collections was officially born.  

As a brand and a company, we believe that jewelry should be an extension of your style, boost your creativity, bring you happiness, and help give you the energy you need to get through your day, month, and year. None of which should leave a hole in your pocket. It should be crafted with the highest quality so you can wear it every day and shine brighter than ever. Our pieces are versatile just like you are, with mix and match pieces, collectible items like pendants, earrings, and charms made for all occasions from everyday pieces to special memories like weddings. Feel confident wearing them alone, mix and matching together, or wear the complete set. We want to help you define and accentuate your individual style! 

From the beginning, the family business has been mindful of our customers’ needs and desires.  In today’s world, we believe that you should feel confident in what you’re buying you should also believe in who you’re buying from. We take pride in donating a portion of our proceeds to support local, national, and international charities, and that factories we contract with to make our jewelry were also built by a mom and pop operation from nothing. Without the hard work of many all over the world, we could not have made any of this happen, and we want to give that back to you! We hope that our love for our business, our customers, our jewelry and helping others translates to bringing you joy, inspiration, happiness, good karma and energy, and empowerment to take on your every day. We thank you for taking time in your day to come visit us and Welcome to the Saberlin Family. 

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